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What is the substance that emits light in the watch? Is it radium?

It’s not radium, it’s some fluorescent substance, which absorbs light when there is light, and releases it when there is no light.
Radium cannot emit light, it can only emit radiation, which cannot be seen by humans.
Supplement: The fluorescent substance emits light when it is bright, but it absorbs more and emits less. When it is dark, it emits more and absorbs less, so you can see the light it emits.

Is it okay to wear it in high temperature environments such as bathing, hot springs, saunas or bathrooms?

Any of the previous waterproof watches, no matter how many meters are marked, cannot be used in hot water (>40C°).
There are two reasons: 1. The permeability of water molecules is greatly enhanced when the temperature increases, and all waterproof watches are designed based on cold water.
2. According to thermal expansion and contraction, some components of the watch will expand to varying degrees under hot water conditions, resulting in an increase in possible gaps. Therefore, the watch cannot be exposed to hot water, otherwise it will cause waterproof failure.

Why not prevent hot water?

①The waterproof performance of the watch has requirements on the temperature. The rapid change of the temperature difference between the hot and cold of the watch may cause the waterproof watch to generate water vapor.
② No matter how strong the waterproof watch is, it also needs careful care. Any waterproof watch will have a decline in waterproof performance due to the aging of the waterproof ring or accidental impact.
③ Therefore, it is best not to wear a watch when taking a hot bath or sauna, so as to avoid gaps in the waterproof ring due to thermal expansion and contraction, which will accelerate the aging of the waterproof ring, thereby affecting the waterproof effect.
④ Pay special attention to the fact that the crown and operation buttons cannot be adjusted in the water, and the crown should be pressed tightly before touching the water.

Why doesn’t it go away soon after changing the battery?

This is generally caused by the quality of the dry battery, so try to replace the original dry battery when replacing the dry battery. If it is true that the dry battery changed in the professional shop still has such a situation, it proves that the mechanical part of the watch has sludge or gear shaft wear, indicating that the starting voltage and power consumption are too large, resulting in a reduction in the life of the dry battery. Therefore, in addition to changing dry batteries, it is also necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance of the watch.
Dust on the dial of a new watch?
In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. With such a sophisticated mechanical device as a watch, it is inevitable to have it during assembly. Moreover, some dust may also get in during the wearing process, and sometimes it is really hard to prevent, which is why it needs to be cleaned regularly.